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Our history is rich. In 1960, a partnership of women opened a consignment shop in a historic house in downtown Wayzata, offering china, crystal, sterling, estate jewelry, and fine art and antiques. This evolved into handling estate sales for our clients. We decided to close our shop in 2016 to focus exclusively on estate and moving sales and appraisals. We have over 50 years of experience conducting quality estate and moving sales. Our knowledgeable partners coordinate all aspects of your sale, keeping up to date on current market values and replacement costs at competitive rates. We regularly work with both regional and national art and antique experts. We are licensed and insured; our services are used by banks, insurance companies, and

court-appointed conservators. The Gold Mine is a charter member of the Minnesota Antique Dealers Association.

The Gold Mine welcomes the opportunity to serve you in your estate sale needs.



We meet with you in your home to formulate a plan for your individual sale needs.  All estate and moving sales are unique; we evaluate your specific sale during this meeting. The sale terms and dates are discussed, and a contract is signed at this time.


We organize, stage and display your items. We price all of your items individually. We use many methods in determining accurate values which include: our comprehensive knowledge from 50+ years of conducting estate sales and antique sales, local and national experts, and examining realized value trends from many different sources. We arrange for any required permits, look at parking requirements and, if necessary, communicate with neighbors about the sale.


Advertising and marketing your sale is the most crucial step in achieving a successful sale. We take photographs of all featured items of the sale that we then advertise on and our website, the We also list the sale in local newspapers. We have a Gold Mine email list that we use to notify customers and dealers of upcoming sales. The day of the sale, we use custom estate sale signs that we strategically disperse to direct customers to your sale.


The sales are usually conducted on two consecutive days, typically Fridays and Saturdays. Our employees are in uniform and all are experienced with sale procedures. We use a number system for customers to avoid overcrowding and to ensure security. We have up to 15 experienced employees that will be designated to specific areas of your home and property. The prices we set are nonnegotiable for customers. During the final day of the sale, items are reduced at a specific percentage. We also offer a bid process prior to the last day of the sale to maximize individual sale prices.


Payment to estate executors is within 7-10 Business Days following the completion of the sale. We work with several non-profit organizations to assist you with the donation of any unsold items.

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